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"You're kidding! You mean Old Crow hit on you, too? Oh my Gawd!"

Old Crow pleasing their fans at Potbelly's. (They promised to take a long break after their next song.)

Old Crow fans begin to approach the stage in anticipation of their favorite band's imminent performance.

An Old Crow groupie sets aside her bashful nature to make a request--it was summarily denied and scoffed at by the band.

The bright lights of Potbelly's stage shine down on Funky D and BO'D.


Old Crow attracts fans of all ages. This *Young Crow* is learning to appreciate fine music at an early age, and Old Crow will be partly responsible for his formative development. (He'll probably be in jail in ten years.)

Old Crow attracts fans from all socio/economic castes as well.

BO'D does his best impersonation of Michael Jordan flapping his tongue at the Riverwalk Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale.

"Where the hell do I place my fingers for a G chord again? I know BO'D showed me just yesterday."

BO'D attempts to extricate himself from his own cords while Funky D looks on in amusement.

"Don't mind if I do."

A packed house at The Grog House in Gainesville, there just for Old Crow (and the free wells drink special).

The busker, Funky D, plays the guitar Troubador style.